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Are business plans relevant any more?

Are Business Plans Relevant Anymore? 1 Are Business Plans really Relevant Anymore?Some would say that business plans aren’t relevant anymore because the business environment is too dynamic and unpredictable. They would say the business plans are at risk of becoming outdated as soon as they are published, so therefore they are not relevant and can […]

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Are agile practices really important? The truth.

Are Agile practices really important?  The truth. 1. What are Agile practices?  For today’s discussion, we will use the business context of organisations wanting to deliver projects on time, to budget and to the expected (or exceeded) quality — and importantly to be able to change flexibly to meet challenges (such as COVID).  The practices are embedded […]

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Interested in effective project management that delivers exceptional projects?

Interested in Effective Project Management that Delivers Exceptional Projects?! Why is the Choice of Project Management  Approach Important? My experiences over the past 35 years in project management — including two certifications in traditional waterfall  project management and two certifications in Agile/Scrum project management — has led me to be quite opinionated, so you might […]

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