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  • Do you want more clarity on how to mature your company in its agility and ability to respond to changes and to realise improved business results?
  • Do you want a more motivated team that work together collaboratively in amazing ways?
  • Do you want to confidently scale your business for growth and realise working on the business?

Hi, I'm Ken --

I can help solve your headaches, reduce your stress and help you feel confident!

Business consulting & digital transformation services

I have been told that I am a very good listener -- and will listen for the symptoms and for the root causes of problems.  Not in a critical way but in a way that is understanding that we have all been through challenges in different parts of our lives and careers. 

We all deserve support in getting through these times and to learning new skills and practices easily and comfortably.

My Business consulting and digital transformation services help you to realise those benefits with a "fresh set of eyes" that listens and tailors pragmatic approaches for you to implement.

This can be focusing on your marketing strategies and processes, your sales strategies and processes, your human resources strategies and processes, your finance strategies and processes, your outsourcing and procurement strategies and processes, and your growth strategies and processes.

Remote Agile/Scrum Coaching Services

Do you believe your organisation can improve its practices to become more agile in the changing market and customer environments?  Are you at times frustrated in not finding experienced and pragmatic coaches who understand your business and the maturity of the organisation?

Ken has the pragmatic and successful track record of helping organisations of all sizes in maturing their Agile/Scrum practices -- resulting in the ability to better and faster meet customer requirements, in better team morale and productivity, in the ability to pivot in an orderly way to new markets and requirements.

Ken has 6 certifications in AgileScrum including  as a Professional Scrum Master (PSM), a Certified Scrum Master, Product Owner Certified, Certified Scrum Trainer, Certified Scrum Developer in addition to his traditional project management certifications -- so he helps Teams to pragmatically modify and utilise the Agile/Scrum framework to produce sustainable results.

Ken helps Teams and Management understand the key success factors for planning and implementing Agile/Scrum practices -- in an enjoyable learning environment.

Interestingly, Ken utilised some of the Kanban practices during his over 7 years in Japan, so understands how Teams can implement these practices to result in synergistic results that are truly exceptional.

Ken typically tailors the agile techniques to the client's maturity and requirements; techniques include:

  • Continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD)
  • Agile Scrum
  • Kanban
  • Lean software development
  • Extreme programming
  • Feature drien development
  • Dynamic systems development method (DSDM)
  • Crystal 
  • Other

These techniques result in much stronger customer satisfaction with delivered business value, much improved team productivity and morale, less project stress, and a higher quality of delivered product.

Digital Marketing

Does your company needs better focus on digital marketing that hits the mark and results in more successful sales and conversions?

Ken has the experience to ensure that your digital marketing is effectively linked to your business outcomes and has a framework for continual improvement -- resulting in more views and conversions. 

Ken's work with his own companies and with client companies include effective web content management, market research for blog & post content, Facebook updates and advertising, Instagram updates, SEO management, Google Adwords and Analytics.

Project Management Services

If you have some projects on the go or in planning -- or if you have businesses initiatives in progress -- you know that there can be many moving parts!

There are people issues in assembling teams and helping people to work together effectively, there is schedule management, there is risk management, there is cost management, there stakeholder management, there is communication management and there is the integration of all of these components!

Our project management services provide the best of traditional "waterfall" project management (i.e. stages from Analysis, Design, Build, Test, Release) and of Agile/Scrum project management which focuses on smaller chunks of work that are shared with customer more frequently.

We can help you do the trade-offs of which project management approaches work best for you and your team.

We typically then do a brief diagnostic (with anonymous confidential interviews of all of the team) and then document -- in a compassionate and understanding way -- the strengths and areas to improve in the organisation.  Then through collaborative discussion we agree plans to immediately achieve improved business results and medium- to longer-term actions which will ensure sustainable substantial business results.

You can experience for yourself some of the initial  benefits via a free consultation phone call.

In this call, we gently discuss the areas going well in your business and the "pain points" or areas which you desire to improve.  This conversation will give you helpful near term actions to consider.

Mentoring/Executive Coaching

We provide mentoring via a few organisations including the Queensland Government's Mentoring for Growth and the Gold Coast Innovation Hub.

We have mentored a wide variety of organisations from an interior designer company, to a tourism company, to an equipment re-seller, to a telco company, to a catering business, to a content marketing company, to a wellness company, to a marketing company -- and many others.

One of the key areas that we often focus on is a "holistic lean business plan".  That is, most organisations benefit by have a simply-articulated plan (i.e. can be a 10 page Powerpoint) that is thought through -- and can (and will) change.  The components of this simple (let it be simple!) plan include:

  • What problem are you solving?
  • What are your mission/vision/values?
  • Who are your competitors?
  • What is your market (and market segmentation)?
  • What is your unique selling proposition?
  • What are your key strategies, e.g. pricing, recruitment, training, etc.
  • What are your key milestones?
  • What is your growth plan?
  • What is your financial  model (i.e. revenue stream and a simple formula)
  • What is your financial status and plans (e.g. working capital, cash flow)?
  • What are the key risks (and mitigation)?

Companies obviously don't have to have all of these perfectly stated, but it is helpful to gently focus on these and evolve the undersandings over time. 

These services can be applied to an organisation of any size -- and it doesn't have to be time consuming or costly to address your headaches.  What is required is tapping into the talents and effective contributions of all of the team -- and building in natural processes  of continual improvement. 

For example, a client with approximately 30 employees on the Gold Coast has stated that the stress of the management and of the team was greatly reduced through some training and management consulting -- which also resulted in the team feeling supported (and not setting themselves up for finger-pointing and failure).  The business consulting services included a diagnostic radar of "agility health" and then hands-on training and daily mentoring for approximately 2 weeks full-time and then part time for the rest of the month.  

Sample tools that provide rapid benefits

Below are just some of the tools that help provide you with understanding of the strengths and areas to improve in your business and tools for helping streamline processes for enhanced team productivity.

This is a sample "team agility health radar" which shows the strengths and areas to improve in your organisation.

These visual (Kanban) boards help to simplify the complexities your business and processes, and helps bring about Team  collaboration and accountability 

Here is an electronic version of the Kanban board -- which can be very helpful for teams which have remote members.

Key Takeaways for You

  • Your organisation is a combination of strengths and areas to improve. 
    No companies -- none! --are perfect, and the challenge now is to build in cotinual improvement
  • Business consulting services don't have to be lengthy or expensive. 
    We can agree a plan that works for your schedule and budget. 
  • It is easy to get started with improving your business and in realising less stress. 
    Typically we agree an initial deliverable that adds value and then informs future plans or actions independently. 

Clients have taken advantage of this free phone call appointment and have benefited.

Clients have stated that they have learned substantially about their business in this one hour consultation and have come away feeling much more reasurred and confident of the future.

Some of them have decided to dive deeper in understanding, planning and realising changes.  The skills that can be learned can be applied for years to come and to continually improve your business.

Now during COVID is a genuine opportunity to ensure that your business can scale to the next level.

One of my clients/mentee is a fresh produce delivery company and it has pivoted away from serving cafes to serving retail customers -- who pay up front and don't present as many headaches!  They are now excited about the future!

Another vegan catering client is now preparing for scaling their operation to handle much stronger demand!  

Another client/mentee is in the challenging tourism business and they are now pivoting into an additional revenue stream of on-line courses and virtual tours of exotic locations, animals and even story-telling! 

We also provide you the knowledge of some of the best apps and technology for your business' productivity!

Top Partners and Products for your Team's Productivity

Which area do you want to improve?

  1. 1
    Collaboration tools like Monday, StoryChief, Paymo, Miro, Thinkific (online courses), and others.
  2. 2
    State of the art Digital Marketing tools, like InsenseAds, Semrush, BigCommerce, Carts Guru, JivoChat, Sellfy, Justuno, JungleScout, Smile, Leadfeeder, Octane AI, and others.
  3. 3
    Productivity tools, like Cake Equity, PandaDoc, Process Street, Gain,  SurveySparrow, ScaleFactor, SwipedOn, Otter.AI, WhoKnows, Bookmark, and others.

What People Are Saying About Our Services

“Outcomes in a real and impressive way.”

"I heartily recommend Ken for his services in helping organisations grow, sustain, and realise business benefits and outcomes in a real and impressive way”

Jamien Z

“Above and beyond"

“Ken was responsible for leading the PAGE project which included a number of firsts for AWP. Ken went above and beyond his role scope to support the go-to-market strategy and I appreciated his persistence and tenacity to work through the challenges to ensure the successful launch of the project.”

Jodi Thomas
- Senior Executive, Major global insurance company

“Grateful for Ken's encouragement and support."

"What a pleasure it was being a part of Ken’s project team for PAGE at Allianz Worldwide Partners. Ken assembled and led a diverse team to deliver a global platform with complex business and user needs. As the UX lead and Product Owner, I worked closely with Ken and found his clear and consistent approach invaluable to the delivery and management of competing demands. He always took the time to carefully evaluate issues raised and facilitate a clear path for resolution. Personally, Ken encouraged me to take on new professional challenges throughout the course of the project, enabling me to broaden my skills and experience. He was a strong advocate for my professional development, and I’m so grateful for Ken’s encouragement and support."

Maxine Balzat
- Senior UX Designer

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A Few More Testimonials to Prove it Works for People Like You

“Grasping issues quickly."

“Ken reported to me in the important role of the Transport Strategy Program Manager – who was responsible for managing the updates to a comprehensive and complex set of transport projects and initiatives. The successful implementation of the strategy relies on these projects that directly affect the lifestyle of residents and visitors. I found Ken to be an absolute pleasure to work with, and highly recommend him for senior roles that require good people skills and that require grasping issues quickly"

Matt Shrimpton
- Senior Executive

“Enthusiastic professsional who has plenty to offer."

“In his role as an Agile Coach to a large government organisation, Ken demonstrated very effective skills in consolidating previous lessons learned from other Agile/Scrum projects and proposing and implementing activities to continue the uplift of the organisation’s Agile/Scrum skills. He did this in a very collaborative and effective way via agreed design of activities with other Agile coaches and via implementation through workshops, trainings and individual coaching. Ken’s contributions were very helpful and effective by bringing insights from his extensive past “waterfall” and Agile/Scrum project experiences -- and tailoring these into a "hybrid approach" for sustainable practices at this large organisation. Ken is an enthusiastic professional who has plenty to offer any organisation.

Daniel Weule
Ken Kramme

Business Consultant

About the Author

Ken brings an approach of "work-with-ability", that is he is a good listener, compassionate, honest and a "straight-shooter".

He brings his past experience, academic credentials, professional certifications and people skills to help organisations of any size and maturity. 

Do you have various considerations in acting now?

  • Is now the right time?
    • Many clients have found "biting the bullet" has been valuable because there is never the "perfect time" -- and many state "I wish I had obtained these services -- and business benefits -- earlier!"  
  • Will it be too expensive?
    • Clients have stated that they are "pleasantly surprised" about how affordable this expert advice is, and Ken  prices his services and deliverables competitively.
  • What if I don't have enough time right now?
    • Many clients have stated that they will prioritise this, and find that Ken values their time in making discussions and actions appropriate.
  • What if I don't have good documentation?
    • This is common and we can work with the existing documentation (or lack thereof!)
  • What if there are many competing priorities?
    • Working on the business instead of just in the business will reduce your workload and stress and will make the business more valuable (and eventually sell-able!) 

Advantages vs Disadvantages

What are the typical advantages and disadvantages in comparing Ken's services  to others?

The Pros List

  • Ken is on the Gold Coast and does extensive remote business consulting.
  • "Ken has a strong track record of success and really knows his stuff."
  • Ken is ""approachable and personable."
  • Ken follows through and "has great integrity, honesty and truthfulness"!
  • Ken is fair about his services costs and "exceeds expectations".

The Cons List

  • "As a client I haven't done this before". (You will find it logical and even enjoyable to get the business outcomes). 
  • "Sometimes I don't think I have enough time to prioritise this." (It is a priority to be working on this business and not primarily in the business).
  • "How do I know Ken provides the best services?" (Ken's references show the quality and responsiveness).
  • "I am not sure I can afford this right now."  (Many clients have stated that they are glad they prioritised this, and the return on this investment occurred "within weeks".

Here's what happens in the phone call:

  • We will discuss a bit of the background of your business your business' strengths. 
  • We will discuss you current "pain points" and concerns. 
  • We will discuss any goals or objectives you have. 
  • We will discuss any "blockers".
  • We will discuss various short-term scenarios and actions to consider and their trade-offs.
  • We will discuss medium to longer-term actions to consider and their benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price of the call?

What follow up expectation is there to engage Ken's services?

What are Ken's experiences with an organisation like mine?

How can I see Ken's references?

What if I need to see Ken fairly urgently?

What are Ken's primary motivators and drivers?

P.S.: Many of my clients have told me that when considering to act, there is a part of you know that now is the time to act -- so that you can truly work on the business and not just in the business.  So they act!

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