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GHD - Ten emerging trends shaping our new future

This is a very innovative technical engineering services company that has initiatives in many areas including GHD Aqua Lab and Digital Twins.

Check out their forward thinking and reinventing engineering!


Check out more here: GHD Ten Emerging Trends 


Startups and Covid-19

This is a a provocative and opinionated article aimed at start-ups during these challenging times.  I don't agree with all of it, but it does pose interesting issues for consideration.

For more details: Start-ups and Covid-19


Australian innovation!

Notice the solar panels generating power for China? 

This thoughtful article highlights some talented Australian innovators.

For more details:  AFR Article on global best practices 


How to manage your brand and reputation!!  Sitejabber review site

Although I don’t agree with all of the list below, the main takeaways are that people do use online review sites (especially Google Reviews) and that companies do use the feedback from review sites to improve their products and services! #reviews #reviewmanagement #reputationmanagement #googlereviews #googlereview #feedback #feedbackmanagement

Check out ?Important review sites for brand management

project management

Remote project management does work!

Have you ever wondered whether remote project management would work for your organisation?

Check this out: 

For more details:

?Remote project management works!


Reaching for the stars -- Google star reviews do matter!

Wow!  Reputation management for your company brand is important!

For more details: 

?Branding & Reputation Management

emotional intelligence

Entrepreneurs -- Continue to build your emotional intelligence.

 Alejandro Cremades is one of the premier writers about successful start-ups and capital raising.  He is willing to state his positions and opinions in a candid and helpful way

For more details:

?Emotional intelligence for Entrepreneurs


 Some excellent advice to entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs: When it comes to seeking capital, a “no” doesn’t always have to stay a no!

For more details: 

Sometimes no is not a no!

project recovery

Have you had the need for a project recovery?

I have had the good opportunity to work on various high-profile projects that unfortunately had fallen off track. These projects had substantial complexity -- in scope, in staging and in stakeholders. Companies are usually loathe to admit and share these projects (understandably!!), there are solutions!

See the key steps: ?Key steps for project recovery


Australian innovation -- including "digital twins"

Fascinating article.

Particularly see the interview with Joshua Ridley, Co-Founder and CEO of Willow.

Validates the innovation and relevance of "digital twins" of real assets-- a truly exciting area with many applications and benefits. #digitaltwin #infrastructure #innovation #realassets #digitaltwins 

See:  5 Top Australian Innovators


ENTREPRENEURS (& FUTURE ENTREPRENEURS): Do you have an app (or plans for one) for which you would love to know your global competitors?

Would you like to also know the approximate size of the revenue of these global competitors? I can provide you with this information – for free. When you provide me with the category of your app and a secure email address (e.g. via direct message), I will provide you with the 5 top global competitors within 3 days – to get you started on your business planning! (Will sign non-disclosure agreements as appropriate!) #innovation #businessplanning #entrepreneurs #globalcompetitors

?Entrepreneurs: Global competitiveness of your app?


Making your organisation agile and successful

Have you ever wondered, "What is the bottom line in making my organisation agile and successful?" 

For more details:

?Making your organisation agile

cognitive biases

Sometimes our existing cognitive biases get in our way, eh?!

Going way back in my early Scrum Master training -- with my talented trainer (kudos to Kane Mar!!) -- we discussed the trade-offs between physical & digital kanban boards for making visual the progress and accountabilities of projects. 

For more details:

?Cognitive biases


Do you ever wonder how to truly understand and focus on your key customers? 

It is important that one segments one's market and customer, i.e. choose which data to gather which then enables "slicing & dicing" and understanding (and implementing!) the differences in your communication with each "subgroup".

For more details: 

?Sample market segmentation


Attention Entrepreneurs/Start-ups: Stages of capital raising

Entrepreneurs/Start-Ups: Ever wonder what are the various investment rounds and associated capital values & timing? Each has its own elements of risk, time to procure the funds, and characteristics. #entrepreneurs hashtag#startups #investment #risks 

For more details:

?Stages of capital raising


A very innovative initative by a clever 80-year old Australian engineering services company!

GHD is an 80-year old Australian engineering services company that is cleverly reinventing the industry with a variety of initatives and thought leadership.  Check it out! 

For more details:

GHD Aqua Lab - an innovative initiative

social media

Social media is indeed powerful!

Social media is indeed powerful - and growing in importance day by day. 

The tools that accompany this are impressive too -- for easing your workload in handling many social media channels and for tracking what people like and don't like.

A particularly clever company and toolset is Hootsuite.


See Hootsuite


Entrepreneurs:  Want to make fundraising easier?

Want to make the administration of raising funds and keeping track of key stakeholders?

Here is a clever and innovative platform. 

For more details:

Cake - Fund raising made easier!

sales conversions

Conversions to Sales -- the challenges and opportunity

There have never been so many tools available for the conversion of prospects into confirmed sales.  

?Top tools for tracking sales

angel investors

Which industries preferred by "angel investors"?

Entrepreneurs/Startups: Ever wonder which industries are sometimes preferred by “angel investors”?

Not set in stone — so don’t be discouraged if your industry is not listed!

There is room for innovation and disruption in almost every industry! #entrepreneurs #pitchdeck #mentees #mentors hashtag#startups #angelinvestors #innovation 

For more details:

?Which industries do angel investors like?


Can you easily descri?be your mission, differentiator and core story"

Be honest: Can you easily answer the following for your business? * Know what your DIFFERENTIATOR is. * Tell people WHO you are * Have a CORE STORY that you tell about you or your brand These are precursors to then going on to Branding/Tag Line/Ethos.

For more details:

?Your Mission, Differentiator and Core Story

standard operating procedures

Does your team have Standard Operating Procedures?

Do you sometimes feel frustrated that you have to re-inform your Team of processes and procedures? Now is the time to have them to document these Standard Operating Procedures (SOP): 1) Define the result you want. 2) Define the steps. 3) Arrange the steps into order. 4) Use screenshots and arrows. 5) Refine the SOP over time. 6) Train everybody and make the SOP easily accessible! 

For more details:

Importance of Standard Operating Procedures


Do you have aligned understandings of the quality of deliverables?

Have you been frustrated at times in not having aligned expectations with colleagues about the quality of deliverables? The "Definition of Done" is a powerful and valuable concept that helps proactively agree on the deliverable. Try it! 

For more details:

?Definition of Done

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