How to Get Started with (or Accelerate) Digital Transformation!

How to Get Started with (or Accelerate) Digital Transformation!

How to Get Started with (or Accelerate) Digital Transformation In Your Company - It is Easier than You Think!


What is digital transformation?

A talented and insightful colleague of mine, Peter Spinda of Malekso, has recently provided an interesting framework for digital transformation. He clarified that it is not "just getting on-line".

Instead digital transformation is "making the lives easier of the team within an organisation and making the customer experience better". 

For the person within the organisation, that means elevating their role and responsibilities to not only be more productive but also "better as a human being".  Quite lofty aspirations -- but relevant and achievable!  "Better as a human being" can be demonstrated by that Team Member being more "multi-functional while still being a specialist" and more "customer-centric" -- that is more empathetic to team mates and the customer.


Digital transformation can be as simple as automating your booking/scheduling process or using Xero or other financial packages that provide more functionality and productivity to your Team.

Or digital transformation can involve continuing to finetune and automate processes for reaching out to more appropriate and willing prospects, turning them into customers and getting their return business -- via well though-through processes and analytics from best practices tools and systems. (See below some examples).

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Why is digital transformation important?

Digital transformation is important because some of  your competitors are "raising the bar" and providing better experiences for their internal Teams (and therefore attracting better talent) and providing better experiences for their Customers.

With challenges like COVID (and other challenges which will occur!), your organisation needs to be ready to to maintain market share and grow it via reaching customers in multiple ways.  

This includes getting the word out to them about your product and services and your unique selling proposition, and then following through with them to fulfill and exceed their expectations.  

Digital transformation  is important to your Team because increasingly Team members genuinely want to play a more important role in the success of their companies, to be challenged and to "make a difference" in the lives of their Customers and fellow Team members. Digital transformation activities allow them to make that difference.  Without it -- and using the "management by command-and-control and by surveillance", your talented Team members will likely be drawn away to other more supportive companies.


Without digital transformation, companies are likely to "wither on the vine" and slowly die.  

However, the good news is that digital transformation is easier now than it has ever been to get started and to continue to accelerate the benefits of digital transformation once started.


How to get started with digital transformation?


One of the first steps is understanding the current headaches and pain points -- both within the organisation and for the customer.  

Understanding which business processes provide the most important business value is one of the first and most important prioritisation activities to be undertaken.


This prioritisation is often done within focused (and actually fun!) time-limited workshops where the Team provides input in an open environment -- resulting in a shared understanding and buy-in of the "big picture". My clients/Mentees have stated that these simple workshops have been key to their success in improving their businesses.


Along with this, it is helpful to articulate an overall organisation strategy for transformation and to be aware that there can be some dependencies in the various potential transformation projects, e.g.  the customer service and fulfillment processes need to be ready to handle the increased demand due to transformed marketing and sales processes. (Please don't let these dependencies delay your starting -- but if in doubt of potential dependencies, please get assistance). 

As a quick -- but important aside -- many of my clients and Mentees have found it very valuable to have a "lean" and "holistic" business plan that helps put the context around the organisation and related strategies.   And be aware, my good friend, that these business plans don't have to be laborious and overwhelming -- you can create an appropriate 10 page business plan that evolves and helps guide your actions and decisions.  If interested, please see my blog on this:  Ken's blog on Lean Business Plans

Back to the main issues of getting started with digital transformation:

You should consider implementing "low hanging fruit" for your prioritised processes, i.e. implementing automation of "simple but valuable" processes as initial steps.

Some examples of what my clients/Mentees have started with in their initial digital transformation projects have included some of the following:

Most of these apps have trial periods so there is minimal risk.

Many of my clients have found my assistance helpful (and cost-effective) in getting started and in accelerating their digital transformation projects, so please feel free to reach out to me and book an initial free consultation call.  You can find out what is involved in this call by going to this link:  Details on services, the phone call & to book a call   


How to accelerate digital transformation?


For my clients and Mentees, accelerating your digital transformation involves - as in Agile companies --  building in a process of continual improvement and "feedback loops" wherein these processes and others are simply reviewed (and improved and new ones implemented as required).  


This planned and consistent review (at the organisation's portfolio level) can include a simple agenda of "what is going well", "what can be improved", "what are the blockers".  This also applies to smaller organisations which may not have a large portfolio of programs and projects.  For example, one of my clients quarterly reviewed their processas and projects and did an re-prioritisation  -- which they displayed visually using index cards on a "kanban" board. 


By embedding this mindset of "continual improvement", your organisation will continue to grow, learn, and meet the often-times changing Customer (and Team) expectations -- and will result in the steady acceleration of the digital transformation benefits!


Sample tools to help improve the digital experience of your Team or Customers (as found by my clients/Mentees) and that are relatively easy to implement (with realised benefits) include:

  • InsenseAds - Next generation of digital marketing tools for getting best of brands and creators/influencers
  • SEMRush - clever SEO tools
  • Cake Equity - for share registry and capital raising administration
  • StoryChief - Content collaboration and distribution for publishers and bloggers
  • WhoKnows - People analytics tool for workforce management and skills analysis
  • Octane AI - Chatbot plugins automating one-on-one conversations with customers
  • Gain -  Content approval process automation 
  • JivoChat -  Live chat software with multiple language options
  • E-commerce sites, e.g

Again, most of these apps have trial periods so there is minimal risk.


Key takeaways


Starting digital transformation for your organisation is very important to do now for survival and to grow -- and is genuinely easy to get started.

It will benefit both your Team (making them happier and more productive) and your Customers (who will have a better experience resulting in more sales and re-sales!).

To get started, it is helpful to understand your overall organisational strategy and your processes which are pain points or are ones that are crying out for improvement!  (It is helpful to be aware of some dependencies between processes -- but that  should not delay you).  If in doubt, get assistance to understand these dependencies.

There are many options to capture "low-hanging fruit" wherein you can easily set up and start improving processes via some of the apps listed above.  Most of them have trial periods so there is minimal risk.

Another key takeaway is the opportunity to "build a mindset of continual improvement" that will result in continually raising the bar in positive and value-adding ways in your digital transformation activities to benefit your Customers and Team.  This will ensure that you continue to "delight" your Customers and Team.

Many of my clients have found my assistance helpful (and cost-effective) in getting started and in accelerating their digital transformation projects, so please feel free to reach out to me and book an initial free consultation call.  You can book a call by going to this link:  Contact Ken for free consultation 

Again, you can start realising the benefits of digital transformation for your Team and your Customers now. It is easier than you think!    

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