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Want clarity to match your business goals to your personal ones?

Want to Know How Your Business Goals Fit Into Your Personal Goals?Sometimes it is challenging to try to sort out the complexity of understanding your personal  life goals and how they inform your business goals, e.g. do you want to make lots and lots of money with lots of travel?  Or do you want a […]

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Want to deeply understand your prospects to become customers?

Want to deeply understand your Prospectsto enable them to become Customers? Why should one spend time in better understanding their Prospects?  Isn’t that just a waste of time?  The reality is that one can waste a lot of time, effort and money in targeting the wrong Prospects, in mis-directing your message and in losing the opportunity to […]

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Should I consider a blockchain/bitcoin investment for a portfolio

Should I consider a “blockchain/bitcoin-type” investment for my portfolio? 1 Why consider a “blockchain/bitcoin-type” investment?Not so long ago when the Internet was first getting established, major business leaders believed that it was just a passing trend and that people would not buy things on-line — they would depend on large media and traditional retail companies […]

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