I help C-Level Executives in medium-sized Fintech/IT/Insurance organisations to grow their businesses beyond their dreams by achieving exceptional team and customer satisfaction!


  • I struggled with poor project delivery, teams complaining and blaming each other,
  • working in the business and not on the business, being reactive,
  • feeling fearful about the future, and hearing poor customer satisfaction.

I developed a proven system  that brings about  teams inspired and aligned

in a common vision, teams  cleverly contributing to one-page business plans,

teams showing excitement about daily practices and working with agility, 

teams excited about growing and scaling, and business outcomes

including increased revenue 

beyond expectations.

I solve "pain points" of:

  • poor delivery of projects,
  • incomplete roadmaps of products,
  • at timeoverwhelming stress,
  • poor business agility and  poor responding to change,
  • infighting of teams and non-support,
  • of insufficient visibility of workload and performance. 


These testimonials are drawn from a variety of recent clients that had very complex challenges that were able to be overcome with vision and teamwork.  

“I heartily recommend Ken for his services in helping organisations grow, sustain, and realise business benefits and outcomes in a real and impressive way”

Jamien Z


“Ken was responsible for leading the PAGE project which included a number of firsts for Allianz Worldwide Partners. Ken went above and beyond his role scope to support the go-to-market strategy and I appreciated his persistence and tenacity to work through the challenges to ensure the successful launch of the project.”

Jodi Thomas


What You'll Get During this Consulting Free Strategy call

In this call, we will discuss a bit of the background of your business and your goals and objectives.  

This will include what is going well and what areas can be improved.  

We will then discuss some near-term actions and alternative longer-term plans.

What will happen before the call

I will review your website and information about your business.

What happens during the call

We will discuss strengths of your business and potential actions and benefits.

What changes after the call

You will come away with a good understanding of potential actions and next steps and their benefits.

     Sample Past and Current Clients